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Hemicrania continua or servere ear infection reminents

1 year 1 month ago #91 by CraigPercival
Hi all, great looking site and cause.
I was put in care of a neurologist following diificulties by my doctor trying to cure a servere ear infection of my right ear.
Initially the infection cleared up on the outer ear with normal antibiotics, but I found out a month later that it still remained inside my ear. I asked if I could please be sent to the ENT clinic, as although nothing was showing as infected in my ear, I was getting a lot of pain from this ear and beyond, and some clear weeping from it.
The ENT clinic checked my ear and said it was fine, I was very upset and disagreed but they have last say ofcourse, and I asked if he could be any help to resolving the pain, the ENT consultant apprentice?, unsure, but he recommended me to a neurologist.
My 1st visit to the neurologist in June 2015 , following am MRI scan, didn't go well either. Without checking my scan results (I asked hin if he had looked at my MRI results and he said no), he asked my a few questions and diagnosed my condition as Hemicrania continua??, based on my one eye watering when the pain occurred. He left me on a high dose a Intometacin which my doctor kept me on for a ling time, this drug had no effect to me pain, but it did make me ill taking Intometacin, so I stopped on my own accord.
After a few more visits to the neurologist, we are now in 2017, and he wants to complete his treatment of me ,I asked of he could please recommend me to the ENT department as least- I left hospital in tears as I cant believe I have been suffering this long, with something that should of been quite simple to resolve.
My head is in more pain than ever now, and feel that the infection or whatever is just getting worse, I cant live a normal life until this is fixed.
I will be chasing the ENT clininc for my appointment from the neurologist referral, but am worried they will again sent me away, any advice- thanks
1 year 1 month ago #92 by Janet
I am very sorry to hear about all the difficulties that you have had in getting appropriate treatment and care. It is very frustrating indeed. Hemicrania continua is a primary chronic daily headache disorder. Migraine Trust factsheet on the condition states that the hallmark of this syndrome is the absolute positive response when treated with a medication called indomethacin. You did not seem to be responding. Please continue to contact the ENT to check that they have had the referral back from the neurologist. Keep a diary of your symptoms and issues to take with you to appointment. We are very happy to speak to you in more detail on the telephone if you would like to contact us in the information team here at The Brain Charity 0151 298 2999
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1 year 4 weeks ago #94 by CraigPercival
Thannkyou for your quick resposnse :) . I will chase the ENT opoinment, and only hope this time they believe me that its infected as whilst waiting, I have been to my doctors who have prescribed me 500mg flofloxocillin for 5 days. Its my last day today, but since being on them they have dramactically changed my head feeling, I can again feel parts of me skull or surface area that I have felt in a year, ( my doctor took me off these originally because they numbed my head so didn't fininsh the course, now I feel as its the last day of antibiotics and I still have pain numbness and Ache left side of my head that's need urgent help, so will need to go back to doctors to try and convince them for blood test etc I think.

At least its sunny lol

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