Joy and her husband Les

When Joy Milne first noticed an unusual musky smell on her husband Les' clothes she put it down to poor hygiene and asked him to have more baths. It wasn't until 10 years later, after Les had been diagnosed with Parkinson's, that she went to her first Parkinson’s support group and noticed the same distinctive smell on other people in the room.

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Migraine and diet

At The Brain Charity, we see a number of people with a wide variety of headache disorders such as: headache, cluster headache, hemiplegic migraine and migraine.
For Brain Awareness Week at The Brain Charity this year we are looking at diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Migraines in particular are a condition in which are strongly affected by diet and lifestyle. In fact there are a number of triggers. As well as the more obvious triggers such as stress, fatigue and medication there are a number of triggers that many people are unaware of.

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Film Night at The Brain Charity

Watching films can affect us, they change the way we feel and think. Films can take us to a different time, a different place and improve our imagination, allowing us to forget our troubles and get immersed in a story. A good film can also act as a point of focus, giving people a common shared experience, letting us share our thoughts and feelings with others.

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