Activities day at The Brain Charity

If you are interested in taking up a new hobby, or perhaps doing some exercise, but due to your neurological condition you find it hard to get out and meet people, then The Brain Charity on Norton Street in Liverpool is the place to be! The Brain Charity understands the difficulties and expense involved in attending mainstream classes, so is now hosting a range of FREE activities on Thursdays that you can try out.

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Advisor at The Brain Charity

Working in The Walton Centre means I’m lucky enough to meet people from all over the country, all with interesting and diverse stories to tell. Their conditions, backgrounds and individual circumstances vary greatly, but there’s one thing that unifies almost all of them - their condition has had some form of financial impact on their lives.

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Heads up to Football Risk

The Football Association has said that it will be looking into whether footballers who have headed footballs throughout their careers are more likely to develop dementia than people who have not. This follows findings from UK scientists that heading a football over time could result in long term brain injuries.

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