Listening to BooksAudiobooks are a lifeline for many people who struggle to read in the usual way, providing access to the comfort, relaxation and joy of leading. Listening Books is a national charity that provides a postal and online audiobook library service to children and adults who struggle to read or hold printed books due to an illness, disability, mental health or learning difficulty. Membership fees range from £20 - £45 per year, but the charity regularly fundraises to provide FREE memberships for people who would find the usual fees a barrier to joining the service.

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Iron Statue

Being able to communicate is a basic need of every human being. Imagine being completely awake, conscious and aware on the inside, being able to hear and even see everything around you, yet being unable to speak or make a sound - even though your vocal chords are fine. To be unable to move; to be unable to express yourself in any way. To not be able to make yourself heard or let people know that you can hear them and are aware of everything around you.

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