Film Night at The Brain Charity

Watching films can affect us, they change the way we feel and think. Films can take us to a different time, a different place and improve our imagination, allowing us to forget our troubles and get immersed in a story. A good film can also act as a point of focus, giving people a common shared experience, letting us share our thoughts and feelings with others.

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End PJ Paralysis poster

No, PJ Paralysis is not the name of a neurological condition. But it is a real problem. It’s to do with your PJs, and with spending too much time in them!
If you are in hospital, you need to try and get out of bed more often. And get out of your sick person’s uniform – your pyjamas - pop some of your day clothes on instead. ‘Sit up, get dressed, keep moving’ is the motto.

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Tracy and Lill

Hello my name is Tracy and I’m a volunteer at The Brain Charity. I volunteer as a library assistant and my main job is putting
together information packs that we send out to people. I also update files on the computer and scan books for the online
library. I sing with The Brain Charity choir and I enjoy it when we sing to the public at events. I like shopping, eating out
and listening to music, my favourite holiday is going to Blackpool with my mum.

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