Louise finishes the London Marathon

Louise Earle, our London Marathon runner in 2017 , raised an incredible £6,763 for The Brain Charity, going above and beyond her original fundraising target of £2,500. Louise has raised an extraordinary amount for charities that support people with neurological conditions over the years and ran the London Marathon in memory of her dad, who passed away from a brain tumour at the age of 48. Louise ran the whole marathon, despite a leg injury that hindered her training. We are all immensely proud of Louise and want to say a massive thank you to her, and to everyone who supported her.

Louise tells us all about her big day back in April:

 The nerves were definitely there but on the whole I was pretty calm and just keen to get to the start line. Walking up the hill in Greenwich Park, surrounded by hundreds of runners was unforgettable; I couldn’t stop smiling! I bumped into two different friends just before the start, which really helped to calm my nerves.

London Marathon RunnersThe hardest part was definitely the last few miles. I always thought the final stretch would be enjoyable, but it was so painful! Somehow it felt like the finish line was getting further away the closer I got. My injured leg had behaved for most of the run but by that point it was hurting a lot - as was every inch of my body! 

I feel really lucky to have some very generous friends, family and colleagues, who not only donated but spread the word about my fundraising page too. I think those who knew my Dad or have heard about him through me understood the significance of this race to me and my reasons for doing it. 

marathon vestThe crowds were amazing. There were so many spectators cheering us on, including Prince William and Kate who I saw twice! My family and friends were supporting on the sidelines at various stages along the course, jumping up and down with balloons and signs, which was absolutely incredible. It definitely kept me going and made me feel quite emotional too. When I was really struggling, I thought of my Dad, I know he would have been there cheering louder than anyone.

My top tips would be to not go too hard too early in your training, to ensure your plan includes plenty of cross-training and REST, and to stretch and roll your muscles after every run to avoid injury. I would also recommend finding a good physio. I wouldn’t have made it to the start or finish line if it wasn’t for some additional help from sports docs and physios. Finally, it really helped to know some other runners to speak to and train with.

If Louise has inspired you to take part in your own challenge and get fit in 2018, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.