Fundraisers for The Brain Charity

The Brain Charity relies heavily on voluntary donations to enable us to continue our work, so we’d love it if you could take on a personal challenge for us in 2019.

When you fundraise for a small charity like ours, your money has a far bigger impact. It goes to where it should be going and helps us out so much.

We have a variety of runs listed on our website that have places and are very easy to sign up for. Wherever you are in the country you’re sure to find something suitable here.

You don’t have to be the sporty type to help out though. Last year one of our supporters, Nadia, raised over £1,500 by having her head shaved!

Your community is brimming with organisations that support charities on a regular basis too. Maybe you could tell your local faith group, Rotary Club, sports club or work scheme about The Brain Charity and ask them to think of us next time they’re running an event. Please let us know about your successes and we’ll make sure that they receive the recognition they deserve from the charity.