What help does The Brain Charity provide?

Directions: Ways to a brighter furtureWe can provide you with Employment Support. Through the Directions Project, we will give you back the confidence you need to come to terms with your change in employment situation and forge a new path. Directions will be the springboard from which you can achieve the goals we know you are capable of.

 Aspire Education AcademyAnd the Aspire Education Academy is a short skills-development programme that has a high success rate of getting people back into work. Check our online events diary for dates and times of the next course.


  • We all have valuable transferable skills, despite our disabilities. Skills come from life experience and prior employment.
  • Identify what strengths you have that can be marketed to employers and highlight some specific examples that demonstrate them.
  • Don’t forget that they don’t all have to come from work-related experience. You can include skills gained from volunteering, hobbies, family responsibilities, etc.
  • Sometimes thinking of what our own skills are can be a challenge. The Buzz Quiz is a short quiz that asks you questions about yourself, and uses those answers to summarise your skills and special qualities. This could be a good starting point for thinking of how to market yourself to employers.
  • When reading a job description you should consider what the employer is looking for and what skills possess. You will need to demonstrate how you fit the bill for the type of employee they are searching for.
  • Common transferable skills include:
    • Communication: Can you express ideas clearly? Are you confident speaking in front of a group of colleagues? Are you a good listener? Can you put forward a persuasive argument, taking on board constructive criticism?
    • Teamwork: Are you able to work with others to achieve a common goal? Can you balance assisting your colleagues with your own responsibilities?
    • Management: Can you motivate and direct people? Are you able to delegate tasks according to people’s skills? Will you be able to demonstrate initiative and forward thinking?
    • Flexibility: How have you reacted to sudden, unforeseen difficulties in the past? Are you able to stay calm when presented with challenging situations?
    • Organisation: How good is your time management? Are you able to set priorities? How detail-oriented are you?