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Sharpen your mind by playing fun games!


This ancient board game improves memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.
You can play chess online or get a chess app on your smart phone.


This is not just a word game, it uses different areas of your brain as well, making your brain more flexible!
You can play Scrabble online as well using Facebook.


Playing Monopoly enhances mathemetical and linguistic skills -  not to mention strategy skills.
There is even a special Roald Dahl version of this board game.

Brain training

"Brain games are something that you do for fun, and is like going out to play ... Brain training, on the other hand, is more like going to the gym. It’s a system of exercising the brain to improve aspects of cognition like memory, attention, focus, and brain speed." Dr Michael Merzenich (BrainHQ)

You can try brain training online for free at BrainHQ

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Image: Neuroepithelium, the developing brain. Credit: Prof. Bill Harris.
Free to use with attribution: CC BY