Name Fragile X Syndrome
Related to/Also known as  see also Autism
Symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome

"Fragile X is a genetic condition that affects both boys and girls, although boys are often more severely affected.

"It can cause a range of issues with language, emotions, attention, behaviour and social interaction.

."Fragile X is the most common inherited cause of learning disability.

"Of the people who have Fragile X, nearly all boys will have a learning disability but only a third of girls. The learning disability could be mild, moderate or severe, which will affect the amount of support the person needs day-to-day."

Source: Mencap
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Useful national contacts The Fragile X Society
Tel: 01371 875 100
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: Link opens in new window www.fragilex.org.uk
Helpline 0808 808 1111
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Children & young people

An Easy Read Guide to Fragile X Syndrome for Parents (Fragile X Society)
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Preparing for adult life (Contact, charity for families with disabled children)
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News and events  
Online resources

 The Brain Changer Arts Project (The Brain Charity)

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link: Easy-Read info on Covid-19 vaccination (Gov.uk)

Link opens in new window COVID-19: Supporting autistic people and people with learning disabilities (Social Care Institute for Excellence)

Fragile X syndrome (Contact, charity for families with disabled children)
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Fragile X syndrome (Mencap)
Link opens in new window www.mencap.org.uk/learning-disability-explained/conditions-linked-learning-disability/fragile-x-syndrome

 Living with a condition (The Brain Charity)

Our resources

Understanding Fragile X Syndrome The library at The Brain Charity has a range of resources on Fibromyalgia and on a wide range of disability-related issues.

Visit our library to read Understanding Fragile X Syndrome: A Guide for Families and Professionals by Isabel Fernández Carvajal. Or have a Link opens in new window look in your local library for this book.
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