Coronavirus: How to get Help

Find coronavirus help in your local area from the UK Government.

The Brain Charity can also help anyone with a neurological condition, their family and carers at this time.

If you need help, please get in touch: Email The Brain Charity or call us free on 0800 008 6417 (Monday-Friday: 9am-4.30pm)

Walking is a great way to exercise - it's free, ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels, and one of the easiest ways to become more active and healthier. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke, and some cancers.

The Brain Charity's walking group

Walking in a group is a great way to start walking, make new friends, and stay motivated. Our beginners' walk is aimed at those who do little or no exercise and who want to start being more active. The pace will be gentle and the aim as always is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

If you'd like to come along, make sure you're wearing comfortable footwear and bring a waterproof just in case - we advise that you wear layers so you can warm up/cool down as you go, and make sure you bring water to stay hydrated. We will walk short distances to begin with, increasing as the group progresses.
Anyone is welcome to join us, please call 0151 298 2999 for more information about routes/accessibility for those who use mobility aids.

Check our online calendar for news of when The Brain Charity's walking group will meet next.