Inside the History of Learning Disability workshop

Inside the History of Learning Disability Events

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The Brain Charity and Dr. Owen Barden from Liverpool Hope University are starting an exciting new history project.

You are invited to join us at The Brain Charity to look at some very old medical books and see how people used to think and talk about people with learning disabilities. We'll compare what people said a long time ago with what is known about living with learning disability today and use our own words and pictures to say what we feel about our findings.

Finally, we’ll create a website and put the things we’ve made on it for other people to see.

This project is open to everyone, not just those with learning disabilities. It will take place over four 2 hour sessions at the charity.

If you’d like to get involved:
• Tell Janet at The Brain Charity that you want to take part
• Call: 0151 298 2999
Email us to let us know