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Tom Soloman with his latest book

Did you know that the world famous author Roald Dahl had an interest in medicine? Walton Centre neurologist, Professor Tom Solomon, has written a unique book that highlights not only Dahl’s interest in modern medicine, but the contributions he made to it, in particular to the field of neurology.

Tom was a junior doctor in 1990 working on a haematology ward where Roald Dahl was a patient. Dahl found it hard to sleep during the night and the two would sit and chat about everything and anything. Tom discovered during these chats that personal tragedies during Dahl’s life had led him to research medical disorders in an attempt to find solutions and cures. This book uses those conversations to provide a fascinating insight into the less well-known aspects of the author's life and will give you a whole new view of the man responsible for Oompa Loopas and Friendly Giants.

The book ‘Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine’ was published on the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth last year.  All of the author royalties from the book are being donated to charities, including: The Stroke Association, The Encephalitis Society and The Walton Centre Charity.