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Merseyside Spinal Injuries Association 1996

By John Wayte, Group Treasurer

While Dr Janet Heyes and Dave Finnegan were involved with the setting up of The Brain Charity (then called the Glaxo Neurological Centre), they had the idea of a new self-help group for people with spinal cord injuries. Both being members of the national charity SIA they went about finding members for a local branch of the SIA and so the Merseyside SIA was born.

Helen Shaw, Peter Adams and myself joined the group in the first couple of months, making about 10 members in total. This was in 1996 and 21 years later we are still active members. The group's objective is to provide help and support to our members including enjoyable social events. But we have also provided education (as expert patients) to many hospitals and organisations who are charged with the care of spinal cord injured patients.

We still meet once a month at The Brain Charity, on the first Wednesday of the month from 2-5pm, and have had a number of notable achievements over the past 21 years. For example, we created an emergency medical card which was picked up by the national SIA and is now available throughout the country from all the British Spinal Cord Injury Centres.

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