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Homelessness is often linked to Brain Injury

As we all know, a brain injury can be a devastating experience which challenges all of our resources to the full. We need the support of others and good systems in place to help us live at our best in spite of the challenges. But what if you are already on your knees with the challenges of life?

Homelessness is up 55% in the last five years, and is at a record high in Liverpool. Brain injury does not discriminate, and research has shown that roughly half the homeless population has sustained a brain injury. Many of those will have incurred their injury prior to becoming homeless. Services are letting people down and failing to protect them from the risk of becoming homeless.

Once a person becomes homeless it is extremely difficult to survive and almost impossible to thrive. Brain injury services rarely cater to the specific needs of the homeless population and as a result, many end up falling Homelessness and Brain Injury between the gaps in services, refused hostel space and end up in prison due to people not realising the struggles and behaviours associated with brain injury.

A new service in Liverpool is attempting to find a new way to reach this very vulnerable population, by providing outreach support. Neurotriage offers assessment, link workers, and training to help people who are homeless and have had a brain injury, get the help and support they very much need.