Film Night at The Brain Charity

Watching films can affect us, they change the way we feel and think. Films can take us to a different time, a different place and improve our imagination, allowing us to forget our troubles and get immersed in a story. A good film can also act as a point of focus, giving people a common shared experience, letting us share our thoughts and feelings with others.

We at The Brain Charity have a great community and, being a hub for the neurological community, we thought a film night would be a wonderful addition to the activities we provide so we will be hosting a regular film night in 2018.

More and more therapists have started to prescribe films to help their patients. Films, in a similar way to music, art and books are being used as an aid to help people deal with issues and obstacles that we may have, allowing us to overcome them. Just choose one whose characters may be experiencing something similar to yourself and perhaps see how they face and overcome challenges in front of them. Although, as is the case with any independent therapeutic tool, you must be more in touch with your own issues in order to recognise them playing out before you.

On a basic level films provide a means of releasing stress and escaping our day to day worries, even if just for a couple of hours. The right film call enable you to escape from the moment and ease negative feelings and worries. They can make us laugh, they can make us cry, they can make us think and even inspire us.

So take an intermission in life, relax and allow yourself to be transported into an exciting silver screened new world that can really lift you up. Settle down and be a Film Knight, get comfy with friends on your quest to a cinema for a shared experience, or just curl up on your trusty steed of a sofa armed with the remote control and of course, popcorn!