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25th Birthday awards ceremony at The Brain Charity

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for The Brain Charity's 25th Anniversary Awards ceremony, which will take place at our Norton Street base on Thursday 5th July from 7pm.

Presentations will be made in 10 categories on the evening, as follows:

Most Supportive Employer

This award is for a business or organisation that goes the extra mile to make sure their disabled employees get everything they need to reach their full potential at work. It is for an organisation that understands that one size doesn’t fit all and that diversity in the workplace is crucial.

Charles Wilson Engineers
Charles Wilson Engineers are a National Tool and Plant Hire company with their head office in Harpenden. Despite their key areas of business being unrelated to the social care sector they have shown great commitment in supporting individuals working for them ensuring that they are supported through any periods of sickness and able to remain in work. They are flexible, open and supportive employers.

The Reader
The Reader is a fantastic community organisation which encourages shared reading to improve well-being, reduce social isolation and build resilience in diverse communities. They offer a range of valuable services and work with looked after children, people in recovery from substance misuse, prisoners, individuals living with dementia, parents, teachers, people with mental and physical health conditions and many more.

As an employer The Reader has shown an incredibly positive attitude towards employing individuals facing barriers and have an active working relationship with the National Downs Syndrome Association’s Work Fit service.

Creative Talent

Our judges have assessed many talented writers, designers, painters, actors, singers, dances and have shortlisted two candidates who have really shone out as creative stars.

Georgina Parker
Georgina has dedicated her time to forming and growing one of Liverpool’s most successful community choirs despite dealing with the demands of completing a full time music degree and coping with the challenges of 3 serious health conditions. Her encouragement and patience in supporting people with neurological conditions to sing and perform is astounding.

Sarah Coughlin
After receiving a serious brain injury Sarah began to draw. Since developing her talent her work is highly personal and often depicts the complex and often torturous journey people with neurological conditions will often be forced to make. Sarah is highly creative; she works hard to involve others in the classes she attends and will often take the reins in running the groups if needed.

Sports Talent

This award is for individuals who have shown real commitment and talent in their chosen area of sport or exercise. Despite their disability they have dedication and real talent in their area.

Andrew Wennell
Andrew is an all-round sports enthusiast who enjoys a number of different community based sports activities giving everything he has to the quest for good sportsmanship. He has shown dedication in and passion in taking part in a number of activities’ such swimming and boccia for which he has recently become a member of the Green Bank Giants and a volunteer session leader at The Brain Charity.

Terry Dean
Terry is an unassuming gentlemen with an amazing past. He is a real sports talent with many great achievements under his belt including being a cross country runner, an award winning 5-a-side football champ and has competed nationally and internationally becoming a bronze, silver and gold medal Paralympic winner for both high jump and javelin categories.

Community Organisation

The Community Organisation Award recognises groups which have made an outstanding contribution to their local community. Our shortlist includes two very special organisations which have worked hard to improve the lives of people with disabilities and strive every day to make the world a better place for them.

Active Community Enterprise (A.C.E.)
A.C.E. are a community based support service for adults with learning disabilities who have been working across Liverpool for over 17 years. They offer a fully structured weekly programme of training, assisted paid and voluntary work. Their work helps to develop an individual’s social status, friendship groups, sense of self-worth and helps them function within society as a whole.on within society as a whole.

Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust is a national charity helping people, enter work, gain an education, develop their career, improve their wellbeing and rebuild their lives. They deliver services for a range of government departments, including the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the National Offender Management Service (NOMS), as well as at the community level for a range of local authorities. They offer invaluable hands-on-help to thousands of vulnerable individuals every year.

Outstanding Health Professional

Our two shortlisted health professionals have both shown a high degree of skill at their job and that they are willing to go the extra mile for their patients when they need them.

Dr Nicholas Silver
Dr Nicolas Silver has been a consultant neurologist at The Walton Centre since 2004 and is an expert in severe and refractory headache disorders. His persistence in getting to the root causes of his patients' conditions and actively seeking out new treatments for them has ensured that he has become a real hero to many of his patients visiting The Walton Centre.

Janine Winterbottom
Epilepsy Nurse Specialist Dr Janine Winterbottom is described by her colleagues as an inspiration and an excellent role model. She is devoted to her role and incredibly passionate about continuous improvement consistently pushing for new research which seeks to combat the challenges faced by her patients. Janine often travels often gives up lots of her free time, quite often without recognition from her peers and colleagues to support her patients and nothing is ever too much.

She always goes above and beyond and is a real credit to The Walton Centre and indeed to the NHS as a whole.

Outstanding Social Care Professional

This award recognises the significant role of the Home or day Care Worker, Social Worker or Charity worker that consistently provides a high quality standard of social care support. They are an individuals that persistently shows dedication, encourages independence and gives an excellent and dignified service to clients. This award is for an individual who truly does care about those they work for.

Nominees in this category will be announced on the night.

Outstanding Education Professional

This award will be given to the teacher, tutor, classroom assistant or professor etc. who has supported their students to gain the maximum benefit from their study. Our two shortlisted nominees are both individuals who ensure that all those attending their classes have equal opportunities to learn and reach their full potential.

Laura Waite
Laura is a professor of disability history and an expert in her field. Laura is a dedicated and inspiring professional and an active campaigner for the rights of disabled people. She always seeks to make sure that those in her class who might be facing barriers themselves are well catered for and able to take full and active roles in the classroom. She is extremely dedicated to the cause of the disability movement and is an inspirational educational professional.

Sarah Kinney
Sarah Kinney is a teacher for Liverpool’s Adult Learning team. As such she regularly teaches classes of many people who face real barriers to education. Sarah always strives to ensure that all her students are fully engaged in the class, working with their talents, and ensuring that they all have the support they need to reach their true potential. Sarah is an amazing teacher.

Volunteer of the Year

This award celebrates a volunteer who has worked tirelessly and generously give their free time, enthusiasm and energy to help improve the lives of disabled people or their family, friends or carers. Our two shortlisted nominees are both inspirational people and an example of true dedication.

Tracey Wynn
Tracy is a volunteer who works hard to campaign for the rights of people with a learning disability. She continuously puts her whole heart and soul into volunteering to ensure that the vulnerable people she supports are involved and feel cared for. Tracy is a dedicated volunteer at both The Brain Charity and at People First Merseyside and is a fantastic role model for us all.

Michelle Burke
Michelle is an active volunteer at both Liverpool CAB, The Brain Charity and the Ataxia Northwest Support Group. Despite having Ataxia, she uses her intelligence and passion to ensure that vulnerable people across the region have access to the services and benefits vital to them to survive. In the past Michelle has suffered from a punctured lung and pneumonia and still turned up to volunteer in order to help other people. She is truly an amazing volunteer.

Entrepreneur of Excellence

The Entrepreneur of Excellence Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated talent, skill and commitment to bringing new ideas, business skills or innovations to the world. Both our shortlisted candidates have shown that they have a wealth of creative ideas can see them through with drive and passion.

Laura Murphy
Laura has both autism and epilepsy. She is also a great entrepreneur being the creator of Cherish my Sweets and Hampers, a party confectionery business with a flavour for all things candy! Laura has shown a great deal of business skills and drive in forming her party confectionery enterprise and is a shining example of how commitment and determination are the top two key steps to success.

Sudley House Gardening Group
The Sudley House Gardening Group supports individuals with neurological conditions to grow food, flowers and herbs. The service is an amazing way of offering gentle exercise in the open air and encouraging people to eat well at the same time. It is an incredibly innovative and creative project which has provided healthy organic food to the community for free!

The Sir Bert Massie Lifetime Achievement Award

We will also be announcing the winner of a special award at the celebration, which will be presented by Lady Massie. The Sir Bert Massie Lifetime Achievement Award honours an individual who has overcome any obstacles they may have had to face and in doing so, has become a positive role model for others.
This award will go to an individual who has achieved more than anyone ever expected them to and whose story inspires us all to reach high.