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Salon treatment at Crosby Training

Nanette & Tracy’s Visit to the ‘The Salon’
By Nanette Mellor, our C.E.O.

What is it about glamorous good-looking women? Why do they always seem to go out of their way to make the rest of us feel small (or fat, or wrinkly or poor)? Any woman feeling a bit low on self-esteem has been there. The dreaded first walk in to a new hairdressers, the disapproving look from the glamour puss behind the counter. And that long hard stare they make you give yourself in the mirror whilst they ask, “Do you dye your own hair then?” and “Wow! You’ve got a lot of grey haven’t you?”

It’s something Lorraine Michaels knows all about. After an invitation to have a closer look at what Crosby Training do, Brain Charity volunteer Tracey Wynne and I listened to her speak passionately about some of the problems her clients face.

Hairwashing“We started up Crosby Training about 25 years ago and the aim was to support people back in to work. It was the 80s and it was really tough trying to find work for anyone, so those facing extra barriers really needed extra help.”

Lorraine and her brother Colin set about starting the organisation, which they decided very early on wasn’t just going to provide a one-size-fits-all service, it was going to get down to the bottom of what the barriers really were for people by putting them at the centre of all they do.

“We started by paying for people to access beauty and hair salons around the place, but quickly realised that, as many of the people we were working with hadn’t been anywhere like this for a while, we needed to make sure they were going to have a good experience and not be made to feel out of place.”

Lorraine had invited us over to try out the salon and Tracey, who had not long since shaved her head for The Brain Charity, accepted the offer of a free hair-do and nail treatment. On arriving at the salon we were welcomed in with a beautiful big smile by Louise, one of the women working there. Louise was your typical beautician, dolled up to the nines and a pearly white smile. However, Louise was… really lovely!

new hairdoThey set about pampering Tracey to within an inch of her life and it was wonderful to watch. There she was, purring like a kitten, with one assistant massaging her head and another polishing her nails. Afterwards Tracy looked fab.

Not only did we have a great visit, the lovely ladies at the salon have promised to work towards giving Tracey a full makeover ready for our Christmas ball this year. Watch this space for beauty queen photos coming soon!

Crosby training is now 25 years old and offers a range of services to support people in to work right across the North West. They offer everything from a mini bus service to get people in and out of their training and even support people to travel to interviews. And, if it’s a makeover you need, they’ll do your hair, your nails and even sort you out with a work wardrobe too!

Crosby training oozes kindness, professionalism and efficiency. If you’re struggling to find work or anxious about taking those first steps, I urge you go and meet Lorraine and the team. They’ll help you no end and they’ll do it for you.

You can contact the team on Tel: 0800 0854 906
or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.