Coronavirus: How to get Help

Find coronavirus help in your local area from the UK Government.

The Brain Charity can also help anyone with a neurological condition, their family and carers at this time.

If you need help, please get in touch: Email The Brain Charity or call us free on 0800 008 6417 (Monday-Friday: 9am-4.30pm)


If you’re looking for reliable information about your condition, don’t bother with Google! Anyone can put anything on the web, so make sure you go straight to somewhere you know can be trusted.

For a start, try visiting our information centre in Liverpool if you can. We have an extensive library of resources on a wide range of neurological conditions, patient information, and information for carers. In the library there are books, reports, newsletters, DVD’s, autobiographies, journals and magazines, as well as info produced by organisations which support people with specific neurological conditions.

But if you prefer looking for information at home, on the web, there are some useful websites out there. 

For info on neurological conditions, the first place to look is our website. Our A-Z of neurological conditions has been written for us by specialists, plus there are links there to support groups and to more information.

And our website’s ‘Living with a condition’ section has info and links on managing a long-term condition. Along with lots of other information, this includes employment advice, info and links for complementary therapies, fatigue, pain, sleeplessness and lots more. Both of these sections can be found under ‘How we Can Help/Practical Help’ on our website.

For other health problems, these three websites are a safe bet:

NHS Choices: includes a health A-Z with detailed info, advice and links. You can look for help for carers, and you can search for services near you.

Patient: previously called Patient Info, this is a British online health information directory, written and reviewed by doctors and healthcare professionals. Their website includes a symptom checker.

Contact: previously called Contact a Family, this charity is for families with disabled children, but their website includes a wide-ranging A-Z for all kinds of conditions, and you can also look for support in your area.