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Daisy: a great grassroots charity

We recently visited Daisy Inclusive UK, a charity based in the Everton area of Liverpool that brings together both disabled and non-disabled people and their families. It provides a cross-generational community setting enabling people to take part in sport, education, creative activities and social events.

Daisy UK was founded by Dave Kelly who, through his own experience of losing his sight at the age of 30, was aware of the many barriers that people with disabilities can face when it comes to education and employment, and he knew that social isolation can be a major problem too.

The charity runs a comprehensive timetable of activities each week and their policy of including all ages and abilities means that families, friends and the community can all come together to socialise in a safe and welcoming environment, which helps to break down the barriers that may exist for people with disabilities.

Daisy Inclusive UK Logo 240“When someone with a disability comes along to Daisy UK for the first time they may know what they’re interested in doing with us, or they may of just heard about what we do and want to get involved in some way, so we always start off asking them about themselves and if they have any hobbies and then put together a personalised plan to give them a stepping stone that can help open up new opportunities. This can then lead to a more independent and productive life, whether that be through education, sport or social activities”

Daisy welcomes people with a broad spectrum of abilities and encourages family members to come along and join in too. “Socialising can be the key to feeling like you belong somewhere and that you’re valued, above all we want people to lead a happy life!”

Find out more about what Daisy Inclusive UK has to offer by visiting: