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The Brain Charity can also help anyone with a neurological condition, their family and carers at this time.

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Mindfulness at The Brain Charity Header

By Tom George

Many people these days are looking after their well-being with mindfulness. Originally derived from Buddhism, mindfulness is a set of mental techniques for looking at our lives, our feelings and the world in a less judgmental way.

Mindful teachings can help us to let go of worries, be more compassionate and to connect more with the present moment. There are many ways to be mindful, including meditation, which often starts with focusing our attention on the breath, which helps to calm a busy mind.

I have been exploring mindfulness for seven years, and have found it enormously beneficial for my mental health, with which I struggled for many years.

Mindfulness has helped me to tackle anxiety and self-defeating mental patterns which have held me back.

I feel more authentically 'me' and have learned that self-care is the most important thing, and has to be a priority.

Since 2016 I have been teaching mindfulness sessions, originally just in the 'real world', but now also online. Since the coronavirus pandemic many people have become extra isolated, and their well-being severely affected. I feel mindfulness has a lot to offer in this situation and we are lucky that technology now allows people to access such therapeutic sessions at home.

The Brain Charity is now running a range of online sessions to help people stay connected and I am glad to play my part by offering some mindfulness sessions. I feel lucky to be running some sessions for this fantastically caring organisation.

Check our online calendar for details of upcoming mindfulness classes.