Our employment advisors are available to help and support you with any employment related issue. We also have a page of employment FAQ's, and a page of links to other sites for more information and support.

The type of support you can expect from us is:

Help with keeping your job

  • We can work with your employer to offer advice and guidance on how they can support you to stay in work.
  • Advice on your employment rights and of the responsibilities you employer has towards you.
  • We can support you to get assistance from the Access to Work scheme - a government grant that is available to people who need extra support at work.
  • If you are not well enough to return to work, we can help you to become medically retired.

Guidance on alternative careers and re-training

  • Help with CV writing and interview preparation.
  • We can spend time exploring new career opportunities, work trials and apprenticeships that suit your needs.
  • Advice on starting your own business.
  • We offer a tailored programme of short courses on subjects such as confidence building and basic literacy skills at our national centre in central Liverpool.
  • Supported volunteering opportunities to help you take your first steps back into paid employment, or to help you gain experience.

The Equality Act 2010 addresses unfair treatment and helps achieve equal opportunities in the workplace and in wider society. The Brain Charity’s employment service is available to talk to employers and help them understand what is expected of them, and what they should be doing to support a diverse workforce. Our team can talk to employers about recruiting and retaining disabled employees and how to make reasonable adjustments to support them in their role. We can also deliver more detailed workshops on how to become a more inclusive organisation.

  • You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • You can also read our employment FAQ and our list of employment links.
  • We can also refer you to specialist legal advice.
  • We also offer support for employers.

Cluster Headache and employment

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