Name  Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)
Related to/Also known as 

Migraine aura

Symptoms of AIWS

"[Migraine aura may] be accompanied by apparent flashing lights, by geometric shapes, or by unusual forms. Some migraineurs may experience unusual perceptions or hallucinations and a very rare form of aura known as "Alice in Wonderland" syndrome. This syndrome is identified by the perceptions of the sufferer; their body or other peoples’ bodies look distorted, so that things appear larger or smaller than usual, or further or closer away (“macropsia / micropsia”)."

Source: Link opens in new window Migraine Action

Useful national contacts The Migraine Trust (Migraine Action has merged with the Migraine Trust)
Tel: 020 7631 6970
Link opens in new window www.migrainetrust.org
Online AIWS resources

What is migraine aura? (Migraine Action PDF)
Link opens in new window https://tinyurl.com/y36wq8zk

The Alice in Wonderland syndrome (PubMed)
Link opens in new window www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10767914

"I have Alice in Wonderland syndrome" (The Guardian newspaper, 2008)
Link opens in new window https://tinyurl.com/y9neb3fg

OurAIWS resources

The library at the Brain Charity has a range of resources on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome  (AIWS) and on a wide range of disability related issues.

Visit our library to read our copy of the Brain and Spine Foundation's booklet on Migraine, which includes information on Migraine Aura.