Name Hemiplegia
Related to/Also known as Alternating hemiplegia
Hemiplegic migraine
Symptoms of Hemiplegia

Hemiplegia is a condition, the effects of which are similar to a stroke. It is caused by damage to the brain (most often before or around the time of birth) and it results in a varying degree of weakness and lack of control on one side of the body.  In one child this may be very obvious (he or she may have little use of one hand, may limp or have poor balance); in another child it will be so slight that it only shows when attempting specific physical activities.

Approximately half the children have additional diagnoses such as epilepsy, visual impairment or speech difficulties. Other challenges can include perceptual problems, specific learning difficulties or emotional and behavioural problems.

Useful national contacts HemiHelp
Link opens in new window www.hemihelp.org.uk
helpline: 0845 123 2372
Eplilepsy Society
Link opens in new window www.epilepsysociety.org.uk
helpline: 01494 601 400
Stroke Association
Link opens in new window www.stroke.org.uk
phone: 033 3033 100
UK Children's Neurological Research Association
Link opens in new window www.ukcnrc.org.uk
Children & young people Supporting a child with hemiplegia (HemiHelp)
Link opens in new window www.hemihelp.org.uk/families/supporting_child
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Online resources What is hemiplegia? An animated film (YouTube video by HemiHelp)
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Our resources The library at The Brain Charity has a range of resources on Hemiplegia and on a wide range of disability-related issues.