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The Brain Charity can also help anyone with a neurological condition, their family and carers at this time.

If you need help, please get in touch: Email The Brain Charity or call us free on 0800 008 6417 (Monday-Friday: 9am-4.30pm)


Hello, my name is Margaret and I have been receiving support from The Brain Charity for five years. I have enjoyed attending the adult education sessions at The Brain Charity and I have attended the computer course, English and Maths courses.

I was born with a neurological condition called Essential Tremor. It is hereditary; my mum had it and my brother has got it too. I am the eldest child of six siblings.

The condition did not really become apparent until I reached the age of sixteen. The Tremor was mild at the beginning; it just affected my hands. I used to work in a metal tray factory, but because of my Tremor I was not allowed to use machinery.

As I got older, the Tremor was starting to affect my balance and my voice.

I was diagnosed seven years ago, but before that it was first thought I had Parkinson’s.

The Tremor in my hand has now become worse, which means I have to be careful cutting up fruit and vegetables or even preparing my meals. My house has been adapted for my needs. I have hand rails on either side of my stairs, in my bathroom and outside my front and back door.

Because my balance has worsened, I am having to use a three wheeled walker to help me with my balance issues outside. I do not use the walker in the house, as I have the furniture, the walls in the house and the bannister post for aid.

I am taking medication which is a Beta blocker and is called Propranolol, and every three months I have Botox injections in my neck, which helps reduce the tremor in my head.

During the last three years, I have noticed that the Tremor has started to affect the inside of my body. This can show itself by the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach. This does not happen all the time, just every now and again.

by Margaret Scott from our Creative Writing group