25th Anniversary Awards at The Brain Charity

To mark 25 years of supporting people with neurological conditions across Merseyside, and further afield, The Brain Charity held a glittering awards ceremony at our centre on Thursday 5th July. The Brain Charity Awards 2018 recognise the talent, dedication and innovation of individuals and teams across all aspects of the disability community. The awards were presented by our Chair of Trustees, Professor Bill Chambers, and the winners were as follows:

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Enjoying a book from The Brain Charity Library

We have more than 3,500 information items of different kinds in our unique library and information centre, covering hundreds of different neurological conditions. But if you're looking for a lighter read, we now also have a small selection of fiction that people can borrow. Our collection received a boost recently thanks to a kind donation of books from the staff at HMRC Liverpool, for which we are very grateful.

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Spoon Theory. Ever heard of it before? Believe it or not, it has absolutely nothing to do with eating and everything to do with fatigue and chronic illness. If you have these, you may have found it difficult in the past to explain to those around you why seemingly minor tasks can seem huge, or why performing basic elements of self-care can drain all your energy reserves. Christine Miserandino created a metaphor to help people explain their fatigue after she herself was living with Lupus.

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